Gas furnace Safety tips for San Diego Residents

Even though gas heating systems are constructed to function securely in your houses, many things may go in the wrong during their use that could cause safety risks for you. Various San Diego residents face hazardous incidents due to malfunctioning of their heating systems time and again. Fortunately, many of the safety risks with gas heating systems could easily be prevented by keeping to some gas heating system safety instructions given below.

Get yearly repairs. One of the significant things you could do to make sure the proper working of your heating system is exhibiting a Cabrillo mechanic at your house to carry out  yearly repairs. We shall inspect your heating system for any security threats for instance a broken warmth exchanger and repair any other complications that we may come across.

Change your air screen is very important to change the filters regularly specially for the duration of winter season. A muddy filter could hinder the airflow of your furnace and becomes the reason of burning of heat exchanger, ultimately be the forerunner to carbon monoxide leakages and cracks.

Tidy up region about your heating system. To dodge any fire dangers and to make your heating system user friendly make sure that the region about your heating system is neat and tidy.

Do not keep flammable things nearby your heating system. Even though your heating system may be placed in a cubbyhole, you must not stock any flammable goods in the similar zone. Domestic flammable goods for instance paint solvents must not be placed somewhere nearby your heating system as they may be a reason of fire.

Be aware of location of your “gas shut off valve”. What would you do if you suffer from a gas leakage in your house? Ensure to become aware of the site of your “gas shut-off valve” and by what method to practice it when something wrong is happened.

Fix carbon monoxide sensors in your house. Every single house that utilizes machines running on fuel just like a gas heating system can cause the leakage of “carbon monoxide” .sensors for “Carbon monoxide” must be set up in your house so as to alert you of a leakage before it is very late.

Be aware of the signs of “carbon monoxide” harms. It is very difficult to notice the presence of “Carbon monoxide” as it is unscented and colorless gas. Because of this it is very significant to have knowledge of the signs of “carbon monoxide” harms in situation when you have the heating system that leaks “carbon monoxide”. The signs of CO harms consist of annoyances, faintness, vomiting, and loss of perception and chest pains.

Ask an expert if you doubt something is incorrect. Is your heating system producing odd sound or causing strange aromas? If you doubt something may be incorrect with your heating system, it is good to stay on the secure side and ask an expert as “Cabrillo “to check your heating system.

In City of San Diego, Progressive Hvac provide HERO Financing

HERO Financing approved for selective San Diego County cities and City of San Diego. Works through local governments to offer tax deductible financing for energy efficient heating and air conditioning products.

As the cost of air conditioning and heating products keep rising, many clients like to think financing their system buys to help exert payments. This is especially true for new energy effective models that can greatly help to maintain a cleaner, reduce SDG&E bills at the same time fitter environment. That us the reason Progressive Hvac Air Conditioning and Heating has become a Registered Contractor in the HERO Program, a new and innovative financing program that doesn’t look at householder credit scores for reservation, but rather bases approvals on home equity and how promptly mortgage and property taxes have been paid.

We are quite stimulated to provide HERO program financing to our clients all around San Diego County,” told by company president Progressive Hvac. “Customers who qualify can now purchase more energy efficient and higher performance systems with low interest, long term financing that are tax deductible and repaid through property taxes.”

The HERO program is aligning their financing with local governments all around California to advocate householders to set up energy efficient products in their homes in a variety of classes, admitting air conditioning and heating, solar, windows and roofing. San Diego Homeowners who participate in the program will see their financing payments for their heating and air conditioning itemized on their property tax bill.

    HERO Program Benefits:

  • Low, Fixed Interest Financing with terms up to 20 years
  • Easy Approvals: Loan Approvals in 30 minutes
  • Easy Repayments: Pay Back Your HERO Loan through Property Taxes
  • Tax deductible program
  • Approval is not based on credit
  • No Money Down options available for energy efficient home improvements
  • Payment deferral is available

For more information on the basics of the HERO program, here are two videos that explain some additional program details:

For more information on the HERO Financing Program for San Diego homeowners or to apply for a HERO loan, contact us at 858-380-9277; or email us at

How can a programmable thermostat save you money?

Along with the combination of increasing energy and fuel prices, including a splashing, it is necessary that you undertake all safety measures to conserve earnings at your energy charges. Summer season is swiftly coming too. In this period of year your energy charges will probably be at maximum. There are number of ways of saving money by decreasing energy usage. For instance, shut down the power of electronic devices that you are not using, shut down the lights that are not in use, using weighty heat hindrances, containing good protection, etc. In spite of this, the simplest and proficient method of lessening energy charges is the usage of a “programmable thermostat”. Lots of new homes supplement “programmable thermostats” but the majority don’t take their benefit.

Every “programmable thermostat” functions in a different way; though, the general fundamental feature is that you could inform your “HVAC” system, by some means that you wish for your home at a particular temperature at particular times. Several “programmable thermostats” by now have proposals for special periods of day established on principle of statistics. For instance, during the time of middle of the night till 6:00am, the suggested setting will be intended for “sleep.” based on your own liking, you might require it warmer or chiller at time you go to sleep, however in general you’re capable to make the warmth up higher from the time when the sun isn’t out. You will perhaps also aspire to schedule “away” times, especially when everybody is outside of home for specific times of day i.e. school-time and work-time. In these hours, you could set the temperature up-to “78-80” points and even can gain a chill atmosphere when you come back home.

Most of the “programmable thermostats” encompass adaptive machinery, which permits them to foresee your settings in front of time. For instance, if you adjusted the thermostat to hold the warmth at “76” degrees at “4:00”pm, and temperature was “80” degrees before it, your thermostat would estimate the total time which it would take to drop the temperature to “76” degrees by “4:00”pm, and start decreasing the temperature correspondingly. By alternating the temperature in your house based on your needs during different times of the day, you can conserve hundreds and thousands of dollars by interchanging the temperature inside your home according to your needs in various hours of day .actually, if you do not presently encompass a “programmable thermostat”, it will be sensible deal to make. They’re comparatively money-making, and the quantity of reserves you make in a year would be able to cover your extra expenses you’d made to buy a thermostat.

The intelligent handling by these thermostats offers you an efficient and tension-free environment where you can enjoy a comfy temperature without multiplying your electricity bill. It is a onetime investment to bring life-time saving for you. Not only you would love spending time in your home, you are definitely going to refer it to your friends and relatives.

R22 Freon VS R410 Puron

Residential air and heating users see a lot of advertisements claiming their products to be energy efficient and environment friendly. This along with an instructed phase out of specific refrigerants has added to the confusion of users. Lots of people have no other way than relying on the suggestions from HVAC salespersons that are given special commission to sale the product not to educate the customer.

Most importantly, nobody will ever buy unnecessary things just for the sake of saving money. If a person already has old style equipment that is functioning well and is efficient too, there’s no any convincing reason for upgrading it. Mostly salespersons are claiming that ‘R-22’ refrigerants would be no more available, but in fact the users could be able to avail R-22 at least until 2020 or perhaps beyond that because of reuse and reclamation. And of course you will also be also to get its spare parts. As a result of a mess up interpretation of rules back in 2010 ‘EPA’ has given a permission to produce R-22 condensing parts at least for near future.

In the second place, R-410a model does not basically provide any better energy efficiency as compared to former R-22 units. The value of SEER (the energy efficacy measurement) is either equal or even more for R-22 units. Therefore the latest technology doesn’t automatically imply energy efficiency. Most of the time thus reality is ignored just in the eagerness of installing upgraded units. However the reviews and the performance of latest equipment can easily sort out the confusions in this regard.

The third important point is, many a times the users can enhance the cooling efficacy of their existing units without any upgrade. To this end they can take few steps for instance cleaning dust from the fins of condenser, routinely cleaning or changing the filters and turning back the thermostat when not in use. Moreover, the HVAC units can be seasonally examined by certified providers in order to maintain the refrigerant’s performance and charge. At times the professionals find some airflow problems that can help improve the efficiency after some minor ductwork repair.

So what are the best options residential refrigerant customers who wish to economize? In short there are several options for them. Either they can repair their existing HVAC equipment or upgrade the parts or whole system to R-410a. If the only concern is to achieve the energy comfort and efficiency, then both the new and older system can provide economy solution. There is no superseding and clear benefit to whichever method. It means that solution might be tailor-made to individual client requirements.

Servicers, and unambiguously persons in field of HVAV, go through with the load of being defenders in lieu of a few ‘bad apples’ .a large number of HVAC connoisseurs is straightforward and educated. The users can uphold their homes untroubled and in an energy proficient method. Hire a professional for regular inspection and maintenance of your existing refrigerants and save yourself the hassle of upgrading to new technologies.

How does an air conditioning system work?

Majority of us do not know the working of air conditioner .it is convenient to comprehend the working of boilers and furnaces, but what about system of air conditioner? How air conditioners make dehumidified and cold air? An air conditioner consists of 5 parts that works mutually .the details of these 5 parts are following:

Refrigerant: it is considered as the blood of our air conditioning system. In it gas vapors are converted to liquid and in turn liquid is converted to gas at small temperature. This part gathers warmth from inside of house and removes this warmth outside of home. So, it could be said the most critical part on which whole working of air conditioner depends.

Compressor: If we consider refrigerant as blood then compressor is considered as transports the refrigerant to further parts of air conditioner. When the refrigerant moves with small pressure inwards in compressor then it is discharged at high pressure by compressor. Without proper maintenance of compressor, AC unit cannot work in order. A minor issue with this part halts the whole unit.

Condenser: The compressor discharges the hot vapors that enter into condenser. When vapors enter condenser   they are passed through coils of condenser. For blowing cool air on the coils there’s a “condensing fan”. These components are placed in a piercing container. This container is named as “condensing unit”. At this point, when refrigerant cool off, it converts in a new state; it turns from hot vapor to hot liquid. After this it moves into next part the “expansion valve”.

Expansion Valve: the hot liquid of great pressure is converted into a cold haze of low pressure in expansion valve. The hot liquid moves in valve and comes out in the form of cold haze. After this it moves into the “evaporator coil”.

Evaporator Coil: it is situated in the session of the heating system. It drives chilled air backwards in our house.

Thus, all of us know that various types of techniques have come into existence these days. We are free to select the thing of our always depends on preference. Anyhow the various kinds of “air conditioning” system are: – compact AC system, the window, ductless and central AC system. It should be kept in view that still if they look dissimilar as of each other, each of them however uses up the parts I declared above.

You must have knowledge about the working of these systems. It is beneficial because when your system is not working correctly, you would be able to diagnose the problem and the component which is causing it.

It no wonders, a quality air conditioner can help us save a great deal of hassles and repair expenses. Once you are well conversant with its way of working, you are better able to examine the air conditioners by yourself whenever it creates some problem. Obviously, you cannot substitute a professional but you can at least look to trivial maintenance issues.

Why a high efficiency air conditioning system is a great investment for San Diego residents

When you have to buy a modern “HVAC” system, you may feel worried about the price as you hear approximations for various kinds of customizations and systems. It might look as if it is the coolest conclusion to prefer the less pricy option to conserve money, but many times this would only result in requiring wasting further money on maintenance and repairs. Apart from buying good quality, expending further money primarily on a superior proficiency system could also give you advantages of several inducements and

Lures that most of users aren’t even conscious of:

Inducements that come along the heating systems and air conditioners are most of the time related to the efficacy of system, performance level and ratings. The scale used to determine the efficacy of an “air conditioning” system is named as “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating”, also acknowledged as “SEER”. The “Heating Seasonal Performance Factor”, acknowledged as “HSPF”, determines warming systems. If a system shows a high HSPF or SEER ranking, this shows a better proficiency.

When you buy a system which hold on a great proficiency ranking, the direct price would be higher. On the other hand, a greater proficiency system would most of times result in further government inducements and discounts. These inducements could come in form of tax credits, deductions, or direct rebates. Based on place you live in and system which you buy, you could most of time get $500.

Both power companies and government organizations wish you to take benefit of proficient systems as it helps in decreasing power use in the time of year when everybody on the chunk is activating their air conditioning or heat at its maximum. It consumes a considerable quantity of energy and power, and they’re looking to enhance the usage of high-efficiency systems in order to minimize the burden from the environment as well as power generating companies. By offering such incentives they provide the consumer with a good reason to pay more cash upfront to confidently receive this monetary variance back over the period.

The effective way to figure it out buy that higher-efficiency systems and calculate how much payback will you get and how longer will it take, in view of initial price of this system, your monthly electricity expense, and incentives that you are supposed to get. Therefore, before going ahead to make your purchase, it’s highly important that you weigh up all of its possibilities. Make a wise use of resources at your hand and don’t hesitate at all to investigate when you are given the opportunity. Buying an expensive high-efficiency system is a significant decision – it is every so often a smart investing option but you should be contented with this purchase so as to enjoy its benefits. Do all necessary inquiry as you can in order to compute your expenses and your incentives; carefully decide whether it’ll be a wise and comfortable move for your house as well as for your budget.